Rafael Nadal reveals how his perfect day would look like

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Rafael Nadal reveals how his perfect day would look like

Spanish tennis star Rafael Nadal gave an interview to VICE magazine and there he revealed how would his perfect day look like. "On my perfect day, I wake up in the morning, I play a bit of golf, I have lunch with friends, I spend time with my family," Nadal said.

"Even better if it's on the boat or we sleep on the beach. I do like to go to the sea regardless of the weather, I like to go in the winter too. There are fewer people, and the bottom of the sea is also beautiful in the winter, even more so than in the summer.

The colors are greener, brighter and I really love it."

Nadal on his favorite food

Nadal likes to spend time on the sea but also to eat sea food. Also, Nadal prefers quiet and peaceful places. "My favorite food has always been seafood," Nadal said.

"If we go out to eat, we usually go to Sa Punta. It's difficult to find a better place when it comes to the view, peace and quiet." Besides tennis, Nadal is known as a huge golf and football fan. Whever Nadal has a chance to play golf, he uses the opportunity.

"I often play golf," he said. "When I'm here, I try to come here at least twice a week. You don't need to love golf. Just being here is enough to love it." Meanwhile, Nadal is having a challenging clay season and there is big question mark regarding his fitness level ahead of the French Open.

After suffering a surprise round-of-16 defeat to Denis Shapovalov in the Rome last-16, Nadal revealed he was hampered by a foot pain during the match. Nadal was hampered by his foot at the French Open a year ago and didn't win title at the tournament for the first time since 2016. It remains to be seen how far can Nadal go at Roland Garros this year.

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