Rafael Nadal does not consider himself as RG favorite: Am I favorite? Not at all

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Rafael Nadal does not consider himself as RG favorite: Am I favorite? Not at all

Record 21-time Grand Slam champion Rafael Nadal has given an encouraging update on his condition ahead of the French Open but stated that he is not a top French Open favorite. Nadal suffered a shock round-of-16 exit in Rome and after the loss revealed his lingering foot issue was causing him great pain.

"Nothing to recover in my case (smile). But I feel better with my foot, that's why I'm here. I was very open after the match in Rome. What happened in Rome often happens at practice sessions," Nadal said, per Tennis Majors.

In recent days, many pundits and tennis experts have been reluctant to call Nadal as the top favorite for the French Open, mainly because of the questions regarding his fitness level.

When asked about his state, Nadal made it clear he came to Roland Garros only because he feels he can win it all. "I'm here to play tennis. If I didn't think it could happen, I wouldn't be here. I'm healthy and I'm here to work, and to play tennis as good as I can," Nadal noted.

Nadal: I'm not the favorite

"Am I the favourite ? No, not at all.

I am one of the candidates here. But when I was the favourite, I wasn't much into it. Today friday, I'm not the favourite. But you know what can happen," Nadal said.

If everything goes as projected, Nadal could meet Djokovic in the French Open quarterfinal.

The winner of the match could potentially meet Carlos Alcaraz in the semifinal. "The draw? Mentally, it doesn't affect me. Of course, you see all those good players. We're in a Grand Slam, you don't know what can happen. There is a lot to do before the match you're thinking about," Nadal said.

Last year, Nadal was beaten by Djokovic in the French Open semifinal. This year, Nadal is hoping to win his 14th French Open title.

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