'Rafael Nadal's had to play through injury his whole career', says former ace

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'Rafael Nadal's had to play through injury his whole career', says former ace

Rafael Nadal considered this Friday that he is not the favorite to win this edition of Roland Garros, that he faces with less preparation than he would like due to injuries, but he assures that he is confident in supplying those deficiencies with work and concludes: "I believe in my options"

The Spaniard, who at almost 36 years old is facing the conquest of his fourteenth title, indicated that the problems in his left foot that affected him in Rome persist, but that for the moment they are not preventing him from training well, for which he assured that he would not think they will prevent you from competing.

"I don't think those problems will go away in two weeks, but that's not the goal. The important thing is to know if they will be too strong and if they will let me have a chance to win here," said the player, who claimed to be "tired" of talking about his foot.

Nadal, who was jovial and in a good mood, assured that he prepares the tournament with that circumstance and recalled that he also faced the last Australian Open and ended up winning. "In sport, what one day seems impossible, suddenly you see it as possible or even very possible.

I think that click is not far away (...) In Australia something that seemed impossible was achieved knowing where it came from," he said. "You have to build strength daily with work and with optimism and the belief that things can get better," said the Mallorcan, who said that in Australia he arrived with less training but with his foot in better condition than now.

"I have to accept the situation, make the necessary effort and have options to compete, without speculating, face things as they come. I don't know how many Roland Garros I have left to play, the opportunities are finite and we have to take advantage of them," he said.

Rafa Nadal is ready

Former Indian tennis player Somdev Devvarman recently assessed Rafael Nadal's chances at the 2022 French Open. "Comes out, plays the Aussie, wins it and all of us are kind of sitting there and saying that Rafa is ready for the French Open.

Like he's always been, he always goes, he takes a couple of weeks to get ready for Monte Carlo, Barcelona, Madrid, Rome and before you know it, he's ready and he's won the title 13 times," the Indian said.

"So, he's definitely not someone you're counting out but I do think that it is fair to say that in the last 15 or 16 years, this is probably the most hurt, the most injured Rafa has been and I think the rest of the field also understands that because he has been fairly vocal about the fact that he's had to play through injury his whole career and knowing Rafa, that's just the kind of guy he is.

I think he's not going to go out there and be the one to make excuses but he's going to fight and see where he stands."