Felix Auger-Aliassime: Rafael Nadal knows it will be difficult versus Novak Djokovic

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Felix Auger-Aliassime: Rafael Nadal knows it will be difficult versus Novak Djokovic

World No. 9 Felix Auger-Aliassime said Rafael Nadal knows it will be extremely difficult for him versus Novak Djokovic as he has wished the Spaniard all the best in the rest of the tournament. On Sunday, Auger-Aliassime finished his French Open campaign after Nadal handed him a 3-6 6-3 6-2 3-6 6-3 loss.

Nadal plays next Djokovic, who hasn't dropped a set en route to reaching the quarterfinal. "Well, I wish Rafa the very best, I admire him greatly in everything that he's done. He's somebody who I really like, and so I wish him the very best for the next match.

But then I think that he also knows that it's going to be difficult," Auger-Aliassime said, per Sportskeeda.

Auger-Aliassime: Nadal is here to win the title

Last year, Nadal suffered a four-set loss versus Djokovic in the French Open semifinal.

"We played for a long time today and it's still the quarterfinals and afterwards there's still two more matches to win to win the tournament," Auger-Aliassime noted. "Rafa is coming here to win the tournament.

So, as I said, I really wish him the very best, but it will be a monumental effort for him, I think, to win. But as he and Novak have always done, they will give it their all right through to the end and it will be a great battle."

Going into the French Open, there were question marks regarding Nadal's fitness level. "If his foot was hurting, he didn't show it," Auger-Aliassime stated. Also, Auger-Aliassime noted players try to hide when they are struggling with something.

"Visually, not really. But then I'm not really sure," he said. "I think that at a high level, we never feel on top of the world. I was not fresh throughout the match, but we try to hide what we're feeling. We try to hide fatigue or discomfort, physical discomfort."