Amelie Mauresmo addresses Rafael Nadal, Novak Djokovic complaints

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Amelie Mauresmo addresses Rafael Nadal, Novak Djokovic complaints

French Open tournament director Amelie Mauresmo defended night sessions after both Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic said their match started too late. At around 9:05 pm French time, Nadal and Djokovic started their quarterfinal match.

The match lasted just over four hours and finished after 1am. After the match, both Nadal and Djokovic said the match started too late. "As far as I'm concerned, night sessions in the stadium are definitely appropriate, because it was always full to the brim every night," Mauresmo said, per the BBC.

"There was a real enthusiasm. People could actually work during the day and yet watch the match during the evening. I'm learning a lot of things regarding the scheduling of the tournament. We will actually have a feedback session on this at the end, but it's just 10 night matches overall."

Mauresmo on men getting more night sessions

In the first 10 days, only ony women's match was scheduled for the night session. When addressing the situation, Mauresmo basically said the men's matches are more appealing.

"In this era we are in right now - and as a woman, a former woman's player, I don't feel bad or unfair saying this - you have more attraction and appeal, in general, for the men's matches," Mauresmo said.

Tennis pundit Annabel Croft noted the Nadal and Djokovic match was the easy choice for the night session. "Would you honestly replace Nadal against Djokovic last night with a women's match?" Croft said on the BBC Radio 5 Live.

"There is a natural demand and that is what it is. You can't force it. It's hard to put a finger on what creates that star quality that attracts people. You can't just pretend that it's there. There have been periods when the women's game has been more interesting than the men's but I have to say the women's game has had a bit of a dip lately."