Kafelnikov: "Rafael Nadal could retire after the Roland Garros"

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Kafelnikov: "Rafael Nadal could retire after the Roland Garros"

After defeating Novak Djokovic for the twenty-ninth time in his career and reaching the semifinals of the Roland Garros 2022, Rafael Nadal has shown all the doubts related to his future in the world of tennis. The Majorcan suffers from Müller-Weiss syndrome, a degenerative disease that involves dysplasia of the tarsal scaphoid.

The foot problem affected Nadal’s path at the Italian Open, but he seems to be under control in Paris. Nadal explained at the press conference: "I'm very clear about it, being old enough not to hide things or come here and say something I don't think so.

I don't know what can happen after Roland Garros; as i said before i will play this tournament because we are doing things to be ready to play it but i don't know what will happen next. I have what I have there in my foot, so if I can't find an improvement or a little solution, it will become super hard for me.

I'm just enjoying every day that I have a chance to be here, not thinking much about what's going to happen next. Obviously we will struggle to find a solution but, for the moment, I have none. So just having the chance to play another semifinal here at Roland Garros gives me a lot of energy."

Doubts about Rafael Nadal's future

Yevgeny Kafelnikov focused on Nadal's future at SportKlub: “Maybe this is the last time Djokovic and Nadal will play against each other. Maybe Rafa will say on Sunday that he will retire after the 22nd Grand Slam title.

Maybe she will say 'It's over, see you in the next life' I hope they both continue, but you never know. As much as I love Alexander Zverev, I don't think he has any chance against Nadal. The only one who can annoy Rafa, believe it or not, is Casper Ruud. I think he has the necessary style of play and he can play a long game. Now Rafa is the absolute favorite."