Martina Navratilova tips Rafael Nadal to break her astonishing Grand Slam record


Martina Navratilova tips Rafael Nadal to break her astonishing Grand Slam record

Former nine-time Wimbledon champion Martina Navratilova thinks Rafael Nadal will definitely break her record for most wins at a Grand Slam event. On Tuesday, Nadal defeated Novak Djokovic in four sets to clinch his 110th French Open victory.

Navratilova holds the record for the most wins at one Grand Slam event as she finished her career with 120 victories at Wimbledon. Nadal will need to play at least two more and have two deep runs in order to break Navratilova's Grand Slam record.

"That record will go down before Rafa is done for sure:), and I am so ok with it!" Navratilova tweeted.

Tuesday was a magical night for Nadal

Going into his French Open quarterfinal match, Nadal was doubted as many were giving Djokovic the edge.

However, Nadal went out and showed yet again why he is one of the greatest players in tennis history. "It has been a very emotional night for me. I'm still playing for nights like today," Nadal said after the match. "But it's just a quarter-final match, no? So I didn't win anything.

So I just [need to] give myself a chance to be back on court in two days, play another semifinals here in Roland Garros. [It] means a lot to me." Even though Nadal won, Djokovic still has a positive 30-29 head-to-head versus the Spaniard.

"Well, this is one more episode, no. That's it. We played, as I said before, in the most important events, in the most important matches for a lot of years, and it's always special to play against each other," Nadal said. "Tonight was just a quarterfinals match, not the final.

So that's different, no. But still a super classic match and in a big scenario. So yeah, between Novak, Roger, myself, we have an amazing story together facing each other in the most important matches for such a long time. So that makes the things more special and more emotional."

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