John McEnroe reflects on Rafael Nadal's 'impressive' victory over Novak Djokovic

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John McEnroe reflects on Rafael Nadal's 'impressive' victory over Novak Djokovic

Former seven-time Grand Slam champion John McEnroe was absolutely impressed by the level of tennis Rafael Nadal delivered versus first-seeded Novak Djokovic at Roland Garros. On Tuesday night in Paris, Nadal overcame Djokovic in a classic 6-2 4-6 6-2 7-6 (4).

Prior to the match, Nadal and his team requested the match to be played in the afternoon session. The French Open organizers denied Nadal's request and instead scheduled the match for the night. Also, Nadal said before the match that Djokovic was the favorite but noted he would give his absolute best.

Djokovic, who beat Djokovic at the French Open last year, didn't drop a single set en route to reaching the quarterfinal. Djokovic was given the slight edge versus Nadal but the Spaniard delivered and showed why he should never be doubted at Roland Garros.

McEnroe: You have to be crazy to beat against Nadal in Paris

“Well, I would say I have made the mistake a couple of years ago thinking the colder conditions would hurt him against Novak," McEnroe said on Eurosport.

"Now, it seems like you would have to be crazy to bet against him [Nadal]. How in the world do you think the guy - his birthday is Friday, when he plays [Alexander] Zverev. He will be 36, and I’m not sure that I have seen him play better than what I witnessed last night.

I’m sure there has been close, and there have been a number of times where he has played at an extraordinary level. That was one for the ages! If that had gone five [sets], I might have slept here in the booth. It ended at 1:15am.

Certainly, a lot of fans here not forgetting." Nadal didn't win the French Open last year but is now two wins away from winning a record 14th title at Roland Garros.