Chris Evert comments on horror injury Alexander Zverev sustained versus Rafael Nadal

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Chris Evert comments on horror injury Alexander Zverev sustained versus Rafael Nadal

Former 18-time Grand Slam champion Chris Evert said it was clear for her from the first second that Alexander Zverev was seriously injured. During his French Open semifinal match versus Rafael Nadal, Zverev rolled his ankle and started crying in pain.

The crowd went silent as everyone was shocked by the unfortunate injury Zverev sustained. The physio immediately came to check out on Zverev but it was evident that the match was over. A few minutes later, Zverev was assisted into a wheelchair and he retired the match.

"When you heard those cries you knew it was serious," Evert said on Eurosport. "My mind wandered to that big summer of Wimbledon and the US Open and whether he is going to be able to play or will he miss those.

The thing with Zverev is that he was really coming into his own, he was playing so well this whole tournament, the wins he had. What about Alcaraz? What a big win for him. He had chances in the first set against Rafa, and Rafa looked a little bit tired, which is understandable.


Evert: You could tell right away that Zverev was going to retire

When Nadal was asked about the court, he suggested that the court was okay and that Zverev's injury was just unfortunate. "It could have been a clump of clay, who knows? Towards the corners where they don’t move as much sometimes, you can get clumps of clay just like on grass where it is more slick in the corners," Evert added.

"You could tell right away that this man was not going to finish the match. He was really in it, he was playing well. Even in his own mind, he was saying in the press that he is not 21 anymore, 'I am ready to win a Grand Slam' You thought that this could be his chance."