John McEnroe on Rafael Nadal's French Open success: It is beyond belief

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John McEnroe on Rafael Nadal's French Open success: It is beyond belief

Former seven-time Grand Slam champion John McEnroe described Rafael Nadal's French Open success as "beyond belief" and added that type of dominance will never again be seen at a Grand Slam tournament. On Sunday, Nadal delivered a mastersclass performance as he ousted Casper Ruud in the French Open final 6-3 6-3 6-0.

Nadal now owns a record 22 Grand Slams and a record 14 French Open titles. “It’s beyond belief," McEnroe told Eurosport before the match. "It took a player - [Pete] Sampras - 35 years to catch Roy Emerson.

We were thinking it would be another 30 years [before the record was broken again], and now it’s one, two, three guys. Most of us thought it would be Novak [Djokovic], but then there was that horrible debacle in Australia.

I don’t think Novak thought that Rafa would go and win [the Australian Open]. Djokovic came [to Roland-Garros] thinking ‘I’ve got to catch this guy’, and then Rafa stepped up to the plate again. If anyone comes close to this, I will stand on my head and do an entire telecast - if Eurosport invites me back in 15 years and Casper Ruud has just won his 14th straight French Open - I will stand on my head the entire telecast."

McEnroe on Nadal's French Open success: This will never again happen

Nadal has now played 14 French Open finals and has 14 Roland Garros crowns in his collection. "This will never, ever, ever happen again in our sport, that one male - or female - will win as many of these events, so enjoy it while we can.

[Rafa] has been giving signs that maybe he might not play anymore, possibly. I don’t know if that’s true, but it sounds conceivable that it’s going to be his last match," McEnroe said. "He’s talked about not playing Wimbledon… why would he not play Wimbledon if he’s won the Australian and the French? He could win the Grand Slam, so we’ll see”.