Rafael Nadal: The real trauma is that people are dying

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Rafael Nadal: The real trauma is that people are dying

Record 22-time Grand Slam champion Rafael Nadal stated that the real problem in the world is that innocent are dying every day and underlined the ATP and Wimbledon situation is nothing compared to what is happening in Ukraine.

In April, Wimbledon imposed player bans on Russian and Belarusian players. The ATP made it clear the same day they weren't happy with the Wimbledon decision and warned them to expect a sanction. Last month, the ATP kept their promise and sanctioned Wimbledon by removing ranking points from this year's tournament.

This situation has left nobody as the ATP, players and Wimbledon are all feeling consequences of the recent decisions. There is a growing fear that top players might decide to skip Wimbledon but Nadal adds there are much bigger problems in the world right now.

"First of all, the world of tennis is zero. When you see families and kids dying and suffering, the rest of the things don't matter. It doesn't matter what Wimbledon does or what ATP does because the real thing and the real trauma is that people are dying and a lot of families are suffering.

That's the main thing, the rest of the things don't matter," Nadal told CNN.

Nadal on the ATP - Wimbledon situation

"I understand what Wimbledon did.

I think it's fair enough because in some ways, they are under pressure from the government. But from the ATP's point of view, they have to protect their members as well. In this case, my Russian colleagues can't say much but they have, for sure, nothing to do with the war," Nadal added.

After the French Open final, Nadal said he could love to compete at Wimbledon this year. Nadal hasn't played at Wimbledon since 2019, when he reached the semifinal before losing to Roger Federer. Nadal, who now owns a record of 22 Grand Slams, is a two-time Wimbledon champion.

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