Rafael Nadal: 'Two days before the tournament I used...'

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Rafael Nadal: 'Two days before the tournament I used...'

Rafael Nadal's triumph at Roland Garros 2022 sparked reactions around the world. The Spanish phenomenon appeared in enormous difficulty during the BNL Internazionali of Italy, thanks to the pain in his foot that has tormented him since 2005.

It was even feared that the Majorcan might miss the second seasonal Major, instead Rafa has made yet another legendary feat . After surviving two real battles against Felix Auger-aliassime and Novak Djokovic, the former world number 1 benefited from Alexander Zverev's injury in the semifinals.

The last act was a monologue by Nadal, who left Casper Ruud just six games. Despite the pain in his foot, the Iberian has literally beaten the competition in this first half of the season. The successes in Australia and Paris allowed him to climb to 22 Slams, extending over Roger Federer and Novak Djokovic in the all-time ranking.

Rafa will undergo a new foot treatment this week, hoping to be ready for Wimbledon. In a long interview for the ATP website, Nadal told a curious anecdote relating to this edition of Roland Garros.

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Rafael Nadal has surprised everyone by communicating in his talk with atptour.com that he has had to carry out a series of adaptations to his racket, in order to adapt to the changing tennis that exists today, asserting that now a much more offensive tennis, even on clay, and that there are few tennis players left who practice the classic style on this surface, one of them being Ruud.

"I have been adapting things, for example, my racket. I have changed the weight and the strings, and I put more lead in the head of the racket to get more power," he said before revealing the most surprising thing. "Two days before the tournament I used my old racket again, thanks to Babolat preparing them for me in one afternoon.

I didn't feel enough with the new one to play on clay, but now I will play with it again," he revealed. As per Ian MacVeigh, head of the Pain Unit at the CEMTRO Clinic, the process is not a new one, but it is the first time it will be used for such an issue.

Explaining the mechanics of the process, he said, “It is done with a needle that has an active tip with an electrode. That is inserted into the damaged area and emits radio wave pulses of 20 milliseconds with pauses of another 480.

It does not destroy tissues, but rather produces neuromodulation in the nerve. With the electric and magnetic field, the pain fibers are altered, and with it its transmission”.

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