Former ATP ace praises Rafael Nadal

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Former ATP ace praises Rafael Nadal

There are no more words to describe Rafael Nadal's greatness. The former world number 1 won the first two majors of 2022, despite the pain in his foot obliging him to frequent infiltrations to alleviate the pain. The Spanish champion, who had arrived in Paris with a myriad of doubts, conquered Roland Garros for the 14th time, writing yet another page in tennis history.

Thanks to this success, the 36-year-old from Manacor has stretched further on Roger Federer and Novak Djokovic in the all-time Grand Slam standings. Rafa defeated Djokovic himself at Porte d'Auteuil, taking advantage of the Serbian's empty passes during the match.

The former world number 1 will undergo a new foot treatment this week, on which the rest of his career may depend. The Iberian said he would like to play Wimbledon, but we will have to wait a few days to get a clearer picture.

Through his Twitter profile, former American champion Andy Roddick celebrated Nadal's umpteenth feat.

Roddick praises Rafa Nadal

Tennis legend Rafael Nadal, yet again, proved his mettle on the clay court. The 36-year-old became the oldest tennis player to win a French Open title.

Although this was a record 14th title for the Spaniard, it was much more crucial than any of his previous titles, as he was playing in pain. "Weird saying it, but this was actually a risky pick based on form and foot questions going on.

Weirder saying that someone has won a single grand slam event 14 times. Grande @RafaelNadal !! Legend," Roddick said. Nadal has won almost everything that a tennis player plays for. In his illustrious career, the 36 years old has stacked up numerous records.

And it will be a humongous task for anyone to reach his level or go past him in the future. “It’s much more possible that somebody will beat that record”. When it comes to his 22 Grand Slams. But that 14 Roland Garros titles is “something… really difficult” to beat.

He said. Ivan Ljubicic, the former Croatian player and French Open semifinalist, spoke about how Nadal’s records in the red dirt of France deserve more recognition. Roger Federer’s coach wrote, “Not many PLAYED 14 Roland Garros tournaments.

He won it 14 times. There is no word to describe this feat. Don’t think good old Phillippe would mind if his court changes the name to Rafael Nadal – statue is not enough”. In addition, Nadal up till now has participated 18 times in the French Open, out of which 14 are marked under his name.

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