Australian Open TD on 'Hercules' Rafael Nadal: I think he even surprises his own team

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Australian Open TD on 'Hercules' Rafael Nadal: I think he even surprises his own team

Australian Open tournament director Craig Tiley was absolutely impressed by the campaign Rafael Nadal was able to put up during the French Open. Nadal, who turned 36 last week, was hampered by a foot pain in Rome and there was a concern that the Spaniard might be forced to skip the French Open.

However, Nadal found a solution as he decided to anesthetize his foot for two weeks and that allowed him to compete at Roland Garros. In the French Open final, Nadal defeated Casper Ruud to win a record 14th French Open title.

"I mean he’s Hercules! There’s just nothing else you can say about him, and I think he even surprises his own team. He will go down as one of if not the greatest of the game and he’s still got more to come," Tiley said on The AO Show podcast, per Sportskeeda.

"So for him to do that and get through that draw, to win it and win it as convincingly as he did in the finals, is honestly remarkable."

Tiley: Nadal and his team were positively surprised

Going into the French Open, Nadal was doubted like never before.

Still, he managed to come out triumphant. "Well interestingly while talking to Rafa’s team over the last couple of days, they’re just as surprised as the rest of us are, because never did Rafa himself think that," said Tiley.

Nadal, who won the Australian Open earlier this year, now owns a record 22 Grand Slams. "Last year in November he was staring into being off the game for at least six months because of his foot injury and he trained in November December, wasn’t making much progress but decided anyway to come to Australia and then ended up winning the Australian Open, and got 21 slams and to be ahead of Novak and Roger," Tiley said.

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