Andy Murray explains why his situation is different to Rafael Nadal's

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Andy Murray explains why his situation is different to Rafael Nadal's

Former world No. 1 Andy Murray says his motivation for continuing to compete is different to Rafael Nadal's. Murray, 35, has had two major hip surgeries since 2017 and he is playing with a metal hip. On the other side, Nadal is playing through a chronic foot pain but still he is winning Grand Slams and is ranked inside the top-5 in the world.

Murray hasn't had any notable results on the Grand Slam stage since 2017 but he is still competing because he loves the game. “[My motivation] comes from enjoying the sport, loving the sport. My situation is a bit different to his, with the operation that I had," Murray told the ATP website.

“I believe he is playing to try and break records and win the major events. Absolutely you have to love it and be willing to play through some pain as you become an older athlete, but I think it is easier to play through the pain when you are competing for major titles.

For me the past four or five years have been very different to that, playing Challengers and my ranking dropped. I feel like our situations are different, but ultimately the reasons I am still playing are because I love the game, and because I still think I can compete right at the highest level”.

Murray hopes to be more consistent

The past few years haven't been easy for Murray but still he was able to make two finals, win one title, and beat some big names. Murray believes he still has the level to beat good players but the consistency is what he has been lacking over the last few years.

“I have not shown that consistently over the past few years, but on one-off results, I have. I’ve beaten a lot of the top guys in the world since I came back, but not consistently. I’m hoping now that with a period with no injuries and lots of tournaments, I’ll get back to doing that soon," Murray explained.

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