Rafael Nadal opens on importance his family played in his success


Rafael Nadal opens on importance his family played in his success

Record 22-time Grand Slam champion Rafael Nadal says his family has been a big part of his success and he is grateful for all the sacrifice and work they have put up over the years. Nadal, who turned 36 last week, has been always closely connected to his family, especially his uncle Toni Nadal.

“One of the keys to success was to stay at home. I never had any doubts about that. My career would have been very different if I hadn't had my family. I am no longer a child! But it's as if we all live in the same village.

Everyone talks to each other and everyone knows each other. I am very close to my father, my mother. It is obvious when you see us together," Nadal told Paris Match, per Sportskeeda.

Nadal glad he stayed in Mallorca

As Nadal was one of the most talented players from his generation, the Spanish Tennis Federation offered to move him from Mallorca to Barcelona.

Uncle Toni refused the offer as he thought that for Nadal it would be better to stay in Mallorca. Reflecting on that decision, it turned out to be right move. "The Spanish Tennis Federation offered to move me to Barcelona.

But my uncle – who was my coach – knew that in Mallorca, I was playing with a good group, surrounded by good players, and that everything was going well," Nadal said. In 2019, Nadal married his long-time partner Maria Fransisca Perello.

Speaking about his partner, Nadal said his wife helped him grow as a person. "We got married to have a big party. Basically, it hasn't changed much in our lives since we've been together for 17 years. But there had come a time in our lives when it felt like the right timing to do it. She helped me grow in this environment,” said Nadal.

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