Guy Forget: Rafael Nadal is above Michael Jordan, Muhammad Ali & Pelé

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Guy Forget: Rafael Nadal is above Michael Jordan, Muhammad Ali & Pelé

French tennis legend Guy Forget thinks Rafael Nadal's record of 14 French Open titles is simply "unimaginable" and he is putting the Spaniard above sporting greats such as Michael Jordan, Muhammad Ali and Pelé. This past Sunday, Nadal defeated Casper Ruud to win a record 14th French Open title.

Nadal, who is now a record 22-time Grand Slam champion, has a stunning 14-0 record in his French Open finals. “For me, Rafael Nadal has achieved the greatest feat in the entire history of sport. Period. He is above Ali, Pele or Jordan.

Try to find in a discipline as popular as tennis, not in a sport that has 25 licensees in the world, a champion who is able to win 14 times the toughest tournament on the planet, the most difficult thing that exists. There are not any.

We said when Borg won Roland-Garros six times, it's monstrous, no one will do better. Sampras has won 14 Grand Slam titles. Nadal has won Roland-Garros 14 times. It's unimaginable," Forget said on Prime Video, per We Love Tennis.

Nadal was able to overcome all the challenges and win

Nadal, who turned 36 last week, admitted not in his wildest dreams he could have imagined he would be a 14-time champion at Roland Garros. “For me personally, it is very difficult to describe the feelings that I have.

It is something that I have never believed. To be here at 36, being competitive again on the most important court of my career,” Nadal said during the trophy ceremony. “One more title means a lot. It means a lot of energy to try and keep going…I don’t know what can happen in the future but I am going to keep fighting to try and keep going”.

Now, Nadal has returned to Spain, where is resting and undergoing a treatment on his foot. Nadal hopes to be able to compete at Wimbledon.

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