Rafael Nadal: 'The Spanish Tennis Federation offered to move...'

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Rafael Nadal: 'The Spanish Tennis Federation offered to move...'

Although he is busy on the grass of Stuttgart ─ where he came through the first round beating O'Connell and now awaits the winner of Kudla-Bublik ─ Grand Slam champion Andy Murray before his debut match did not miss the opportunity to continue praising to Rafael Nadal for what he achieved at Roland Garros.

The Scot, speaking to Tennisnet, was confident that almost no player will be able to match the Mallorcan's record in the French major: "I haven't seen all the matches because I've played a tournament and I've been on the court until Saturday.

But I did manage to see some challenges. The results obtained by Rafa Nadal and Iga Swiatek are incredible. Swiatek now has the opportunity to write his own story. And Rafael? Winning 14 Grand Slam tournaments in the same venue is incredible.

When Rafa won his eleventh or twelfth title in Paris, I said I never thought it would happen again. There is hardly any player on tour who plays Roland Garros 14 times, let alone wins it 14 times. Carlos Alcaraz is 19 years old and should probably win the tournament every time he plays it.

I can't imagine anyone doing that." Among the first teammates who congratulated Rafael Nadal on his fourteenth win at Roland Garros was his number 1 fan and compatriot, Carlos Alcaraz, who could not face him in the semifinals because he lost in the quarterfinals to the injured German Alexander Zverev.

Nadal is a true legend

Rafael Nadal won his 14th French Open title on Sunday, beating Norway's Casper Ruud in straight sets in the final. “One of the keys to success was to stay at home. I never had any doubts about that.

My career would have been very different if I hadn't had my family. I am no longer a child! But it's as if we all live in the same village. Everyone talks to each other and everyone knows each other. I am very close to my father, my mother.

It is obvious when you see us together," Nadal said. "The Spanish Tennis Federation offered to move me to Barcelona. But my uncle – who was my coach – knew that in Mallorca, I was playing with a good group, surrounded by good players, and that everything was going well," Nadal said. Notably, the Spaniard has won 112 out of 115 matches he has played in the event and lost only thrice.