Rafael Nadal: 'That would mean not being able to...'

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Rafael Nadal: 'That would mean not being able to...'

Adriano Panatta's opinion on the great and umpteenth triumph of Rafael Nadal at Roland Garros, who also won the second Grand Slam tournament of the 2022 season, could not be missing. The Spaniard surpassed all the rivals that came his way and dealt with his foot problems in the best possible way, thanks to the help of specific interventions that allowed him to play without pain.

The former Italian player analyzed in detail the victory of the Majorcan champion, also expressing the emotions he felt when watching his matches. His opinion, in an interview with La Stampa: "When I saw him succeed at the Australian Open in January, I confess that at my age I was moved.

And not so much because of the tennis player's qualities, which have long been out of doubt, but because of the admiration he felt for the man," he said. The winner of Roland Garros in 1976 referred to the suffering that the Iberian experienced during the two weeks that the Parisian competition lasted: "Anyone who has not been a player cannot understand the frustration of not being able to give the best of himself because of the injuries, having to stop, the feeling of not being able to be completely in control of your own destiny.

Here, Nadal managed to overcome even this obstacle and show us that the passion he feels for tennis is stronger than any problem", he underlined. A real feat: "I'm not talking about the final, Ruud was clearly not a match for him, but of the inner strength that he was able to draw."

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In a recent interview with ATP, Rafael Nadal was asked if he reckons post-tennis life is more appealing given the pain he is suffering at the moment. "I imagine it as I have experienced it many times in my career when I have been out of competition due to injuries.

It's not something that makes me lose sleep, nor do I have any fear of my life after tennis," Rafael Nadal said. Nadal highlighted that surgery is the only way to truly relieve himself of his suffering and added that it would certainly end his career as a tennis player.

"I have many things that make me happy. If I want, I will be able to get rid of the pain in my foot in an almost definitive way. For that I have to do an operation to fix my foot, and that would mean not being able to continue playing."