Rafael Nadal overcomes Roger Federer's prize money!


Rafael Nadal overcomes Roger Federer's prize money!

The Spanish tennis player Rafael Nadal, with this success at the Roland Garros 2022, where he took home the beauty of 2 million and 200 thousand euros, has overtaken Roger Federer for the first time in his career in the overall prize money, settling in second place behind only Novak Djokovic who seems decidedly unattainable.

So, speaking of rankings and records, not only the positions in the world ranking of the various tennis players have changed but also that of the prize money. In fact, Nadal is at $ 130,681,472 while the current number one in the world is $ 156,541,453.

But not only the big three to make people talk about themselves, in the top ten of this special ranking there is another tennis player who in this Roland Garros is back to being as competitive as it always has been in his career: Marin Cilic.

The Croatian tennis player only surrendered in the semifinals against Ruud after beating Medvedev and Rublev respectively in the round of 16 and in the quarterfinals. The 33-year-old giant reached the semifinals in Paris for the first time in his career and also climbed to tenth place in the men's prize money ranking at $ 30,468,623.

Cilic's career has 567 victories (64.07% match success rate), a 2014 US Open slam against Kei Nishikori, and two finals both lost against Roger Federer at Wimbledon in 2017 and at the Australian Open in 2018. . In total he boasts twenty titles, where in addition to the slam in New York, he also won the Cincinnati 1000 in 2016 against Andy Murray.

Returning to the prize money, for a change, even in this ranking the fab three are in command. While, in addition to Cilic, there are three other tennis players who are active. The main protagonist of the Roland Garros 2022 which ended almost a week ago was undoubtedly Rafael Nadal.

The Spaniard, after dominating the final against Casper Ruud, raised his twenty-second slam to the Parisian skies, of which the fourteenth in France.

Here the Prize Money ranking:

1 Novak Djokovic $ 156,541,543
2 Rafael Nadal $ 130,681,472
3 Roger Federer $ 130,594,339
4 Andy Murray $ 62,733,749
5 Pete Sampras $ 43,280,489
6 Stan Wawrinak $ 34,953,913
7 Alexander Zverev $ 32,407,055
8 David Ferrer $ 31,152,975
9 Andre Agassi $ 31,152,975
10 Marin Cilic $ 30,468,623

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