Anti-doping agency director weighs in on Rafael Nadal's use of anaesthetic injections

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Anti-doping agency director weighs in on Rafael Nadal's use of anaesthetic injections

WADA Director General Olivier Niggli has made it clear that anaesthetic injections are not prohibited and therefore Rafael Nadal didn't violate any of the anti-doping rules. For two weeks straight, Nadal was using anaesthetic injections and anti-inflammatories to completely numb the pain in his foot caused by the Mueller-Weiss syndrome.

After Nadal lifted a record 14th French Open titles, two French cyclists questioned Nadal's use of anaesthetic injections. "If a product is on the list of prohibited products, it means that it has an effect on performance, that it is bad for health, and that it is contrary to the ethics of sport.

Anaesthetic injections are not prohibited. It's not an oversight. The question arose. It was discussed. They are not on the list because they do not improve performance and are fundamentally not bad," Niggli said on Swiss TV channel RTS, per Sportskeeda.

Niggli: Nadal didn't win 14 French Open because of the injections

Nadal captured his maiden French Open title in 2005, when he was a teenager. 7 17 years later, Nadal is a record 14-time French Open champion and that is considered as one of the greatest accomplishments in all sports.

"Is it a good medical practice? Is it acceptable for an elite athlete to get injections before a match? It's a debate between doctors and a debate about medical ethics. Rafael Nadal has won 14 titles at Roland Garros.

If he has won thirteen others without injections, it is probably not due to injections that he has won the 14th," said Niggli. Now, Nadal is back to Spain, where he is undergoing a treatment for his foot. When Nadal was asked about Wimbledon, he said he would like to compete at The Championships.

However, whether or not Nadal plays at Wimbledon depends on how will his foot respond in the next few days. Nadal hasn't played at Wimbledon since 2019. In 2019, Nadal reached the Wimbledon semifinal before losing to Roger Federer.