Uncle Toni: "Rafael Nadal can win Wimbledon"

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Uncle Toni: "Rafael Nadal can win Wimbledon"

In an interview granted to Punto de Break, Rafael Nadal's uncle and current coach of Felix Auger-Aliassime, Toni Nadal, explored various topics, obviously speaking of his nephew, but also of Carlos Alcaraz and Roger Federer.

What surprised everyone at the Roland Garros 2022 was again Rafael's ability to adapt to his chronic foot problem. There has been a lot of talk about the consequences that Nadal may have once he hangs up the racket. Uncle Toni, however, reassured him about his condition.

He explained: "Rafael will have no physical consequences. The injury can be treated with an operation, but this operation will prevent him from continuing to compete." Speaking of the upcoming competitions, the Spaniard's uncle also spoke about Nadal's chances of being competitive if he plays the London Slam: "If he can play, Rafa is still a candidate to win Wimbledon.

He made them five finals in a row."

Toni Nadal talked with Roger Federer's coach

During the interview, the Iberian coach also spoke about Roger Federer and the man who is defined as the new Nadal, namely Carlos Alcaraz.

He analyzed: "In Munich I met Federer's coach and he told me that Roger was looking forward to returning to the Tour. Carlos Alcaraz? he cannot yet be compared to Rafael. Felix Auger-Alisassime? I would not put myself among the best coaches in history.

I don't think I am." It is still unclear whether the twenty-two-time slam winner will attend Wimbledon. Nadal, who returned to his Manacor on crutches, is now enjoying a few days of well-deserved vacation before deciding what to do.

For the first time in his career, the Majorcan, in case of presence at Wimbledon, could present himself as reigning champion of both the Australian Open and Roland Garros.