Rafael Nadal practices on grass in Mallorca

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Rafael Nadal practices on grass in Mallorca

Record 22-time Grand Slam champion Rafael Nadal has sent a strong hint that he indeed plans to compete at Wimbledon as on Monday he practiced on grass for the first time this year. Nadal, who turned 36 this month, was taking anaesthetic injections and anti-inflammatories for two weeks straight at the French Open.

After winning the French Open, Nadal returned to Spain, where he started undergoing treatment for his chronic foot issue. Nadal's foot seemingly responded well to the treatment as he he has been able to kick off his preparation for Wimbledon this week.

According to Jose Moron, Nadal practiced on grass on Mallorca, behind the closed doors.

Nadal doing his best to compete at Wimbledon

When Uncle Toni was asked about Nadal's Wimbledon participation, he was optimistic his nephew would be able to compete.

“Wimbledon starts in less than two weeks, so let’s see if my nephew is there or not,” Toni Nadal said. “I think that he will be and that the treatment goes well. He wants to take advantage of the good sporting moment that he is going through and that has led him to be the winner of the two Grand Slams”.

Taking anaesthetic injections for two weeks straight wasn't ideal for Nadal and he has made it clear that he will try to avoid going that route in the future. "Wimbledon is a priority, always has been a priority.

If I'm able to play with anti-inflammatories yes," Nadal said. "To play with anaesthetic injections, I do not want to put myself in that position again. It can happen once but no, it's not the philosophy of life I want to follow.

Let's see. I am always a positive guy and always expect the things are going the right way. Let's be confident, let's be positive and let's see what's going on."