'We don't give Rafael Nadal enough credit just because...', says former star


'We don't give Rafael Nadal enough credit just because...', says former star

Since the beginning of the Open Era, almost every player of note has managed to play two Grand Slam finals in a single season during their best years on Tour. Seven players have gone above and beyond, and are the proud owners of at least five seasons with multiple Grand Finals, which will be difficult to repeat in the future.

Jimmy Connors, Bjorn Borg and Pete Sampras have racked up five years with at least two Major finishes, and Ivan Lendl precedes them with six. Those were the best players before members of the "Big 3" trashed those rosters and created a new one.

Roger Federer got off to a strong start in 2004, and has had at least two major finals for nine seasons. Rafael Nadal became the first player with ten different seasons with two Major titles, and Novak Djokovic joined him at the top following his brilliant run in 2021.

Nadal has been a player to beat at the Majors this season, conquering the Australian Open and Roland Garros to set many records. Rafa is the first player with two Major finishes in 11 different seasons, achieving it a couple of days after his 36th birthday and with numerous problems in his left foot.

Nadal skipped the second part of the previous season, staying out of the Majors finals in 2021 and starting again at the beginning of the new year. Rafa advanced in the sixth match for the Australian Open title and was left on the verge of the fifth consecutive loss.

Daniil Medvedev led 6-2, 7-6, 3-2, 40-0 against the Spaniard before Rafa produced one of the most remarkable comebacks of his career to seal the deal in five hours and 24 minutes. Rafael Nadal is the first player with multiple Major finals in 11 seasons.

Andy Roddick speaks about Nadal

Andy Roddick recently included Rafael Nadal's name in a Tennis Channel discussion on potential candidates to win Wimbledon. "Is Rafa Nadal, did that procedure help? Is he going to be able to play well on the grass? When he is there, he is very good on grass," Roddick said.

"We always forget that he has won Wimbledon twice, right? We don't give him enough credit just because he's so good on clay." The AFP recently reported that the Spaniard's uncle, Toni Nadal, believes Nadal will play at Wimbledon.

"He is planning to train on the sidelines of the Mallorca Open from Monday (June 13)," Toni Nadal was quoted as saying. "If he has a small chance, he will play at Wimbledon."

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