Rafael Nadal: 'In a year someone falls on your side'

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Rafael Nadal: 'In a year someone falls on your side'

Rafael Nadal is one of the strongest tennis players of all time. The Spanish champion is enjoying a magical 2022, a year that could consecrate him as the strongest tennis player of all time. Returning after a long break earlier in the season, Rafa achieved one of the best 'comebacks' in history in Australia and won his 21st Grand Slam title in history.

Down two sets in the final and with Medvedev on the verge of victory, Nadal reacted magnificently and turned the match around to win his 21st Grand Slam title. A few days ago, at Roland Garros in Paris, Nadal avenged the resounding defeat of 2021 and won the fourteenth Roland Garros of his career and, above all, his twenty-second Grand Slam title.

The distance between him and Roger Federer and Novak Djokovic is growing and many speak of Rafa as the GOAT of tennis. Despite frequent foot problems, Rafa did not give up and fought until the end. Rather than the dominant final against Casper Ruud, the decisive match was the quarter-final match in which Rafa Nadal finally took revenge on his great rival, world number one (at the time) Novak Djokovic.

At the moment, 2022 is proving to be a magical year for the Majorcan champion and this golden stage could continue outside the sports field. In the last hours there have been frequent rumors that Mery Xisca Perello, the wife of the Iberian champion, is expecting Rafa Nadal's first child.

Obviously they are just rumors and for the moment there has been no further confirmation, but Rafa and Mery could soon change their lives completely.

Rafa suffered from unbearable pain in his left foot

Rafael Nadal expressed that the key reason behind those comebacks and victories in close matches is belief.

He keeps on trying, even when the possibility of winning is the slightest. "As much as people think that I always have confidence, it's not like that, when things go wrong, I often see it very black. But this is the essence of sport, that although the possibilities are minimal and it seems impossible, you keep fighting, you try for your personal satisfaction of having given you the option of having an opportunity," Nadal said.

He further highlighted his approach during crucial phases in the biggest of matches, explaining that he prefers to take things 'one point at a time.' "When things go wrong, I analyze and I look for solutions. Many times I only think about going for the next point, then for another and sometimes little by little things are equal.

If things go wrong, it is normal for them to end badly, but in a year someone falls on your side," the 14-time French Open champion expressed.