Brad Gilbert compares Stephen Curry to Rafael Nadal

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Brad Gilbert compares Stephen Curry to Rafael Nadal
Brad Gilbert compares Stephen Curry to Rafael Nadal

Brad Gilbert was watching Game 6 of the NBA Finals when he noticed that Golden State Warriors star guard Stephen Curry and Rafael Nadal have so much in common. In tennis, Nadal is now considered by some as the greatest player of all time since he owns a record 22 Grand Slam titles.

On the other side, Curry won his fourth NBA ring on Thursday night. Curry is considered by many as the greatest shooter in NBA history, and even though he is one of the most accomplished players from his generation, he has always kept a humble demeanor.

"Stephen Curry reminds me a lot of Rafael Nadal, his humbleness and amazing play and so unselfish," Gilbert tweeted.

Gilbert compares Curry and Nadal

Gilbert compared Curry to Nadal, while Warriors head coach Steve Kerr compared Curry to Roger Federer just a few days earlier.

“We actually met Federer a few years ago in China when we played in Shanghai. He came and spoke to our locker room, and Draymond (Green) asked him, he said, ‘How have you been doing this for 20 years?’,” Kerr recalled.

“And his answer was just simple, yet profound. He said, ‘I love my daily ritual.’ He said, ‘I get up, make my kids breakfast, drop them off at school, go train and I’ve figured out the right training methods to keep me in the best position at my age.

I love competing.’ He said, ‘But every single day, I put my head on the pillow at the end of the day and think, man, what a great day.’ So I think of Steph a lot when I think of that story from Roger Federer.

Very, very similar just sort of zest for life and just joy for the process”. One thing is for sure, Curry, Nadal and Federer are all three all-time greats.

Brad Gilbert Rafael Nadal

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