'Rafael Nadal had to have a very bad day to...', says top journalist

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'Rafael Nadal had to have a very bad day to...', says top journalist

Brad Gilbert was watching Game 6 of the NBA Finals when he realized that Golden State Warriors star shooting guard Stephen Curry and Rafael Nadal have a lot in common. In tennis, Nadal is considered by some to be the greatest player of all time, as he holds a record 22 Grand Slam titles.

On the other hand, Curry won his fourth NBA ring on Thursday night. Curry is considered by many to be the greatest shooter in NBA history, and while he is one of the most accomplished players of his generation, he has always maintained a humble demeanor.

"Stephen Curry reminds me a lot of Rafael Nadal, his humility and his incredible game and so selfless," Gilbert tweeted. Gilbert compared Curry to Nadal, while Warriors coach Steve Kerr compared Curry to Roger Federer a few days earlier.

"We actually met Federer a few years ago in China, when we played in Shanghai. He came and talked in our locker room, and Draymond (Green) asked him, he said, 'How have you been doing this for 20 years?'" Kerr recalled. "And his answer was simple, but profound.

He said, 'I love my daily ritual.' stay in the best position at my age. I love to compete. But every day, I put my head on the pillow at the end of the day and think, man, what a great day.' So I think about Steph a lot when I think about that Roger Federer story."

Flink pays tribute to Rafa Nadal

Speaking on a recent podcast, sports journalist Steve Flink said Ruud should learn from Rafael Nadal about being a professional and not letting the admiration of someone come in the way of his goal.

"You can't let your respect and admiration for Rafa, your practice sessions at his structure, and the fact that Rafa is such a revered sportsman and such a great guy get in your way. Look at Rafa. He's ruthless on the court. He's extremely likable and so humble but when he's out there, there's absolutely no nonsense and that's really what Ruud needs to learn from him," Flink said.

"I wouldn't have expected 11 games in a row. I think Ruud could have done a little better than that. He sort of gave it away before the match when he said he had to play his best match and that he had to play better than he has ever played before. He put a lot of pressure on himsel. Nadal had to have a very bad day to lose that match, said Flink.