'Rafael Nadal is a player who has spent many...', says ATP ace


'Rafael Nadal is a player who has spent many...', says ATP ace

Former world number 1 Andy Roddick suffered a loss to Rafael Nadal in the 2004 Davis Cup final but is now glad he was the springboard for the Spaniard. In the second rubber of the 2004 Davis Cup final, Nadal defeated Roddick 6-7 (6), 6-2 7-6 (6), 6-2.

Nadal's victory gave Spain a 2-0 lead and the country went on to win the Davis Cup title that year. Reflecting on his win over Roddick, Nadal said it was one of the wins that marked the beginning of his career. "Proud to be a springboard for this man.

A great man and a great champion @RafaelNadal. Great Rafa," Roddick said. "The match against Roddick in the 2004 Davis Cup final is one of the ones that marked my career, and I will never forget it," Nadal said. "People remember my performance because of how fresh and how young I was, but the real architect of the victory was Carlos Moyá, who gave us two points.

I think I took the victory because the public was there to support me, it was essential. I had some remarkable games at all stages of my career, and this is one of them, especially after that injury. I played at a very high level and I deserved the win after working hard on the training court.

It's been a tough year for me, and I'm delighted with my performance today. Andy's serves go at 230 km/h; I am happy with how I have returned them, especially in the most critical moments of the tie breaks. After the game, I didn't remember Roddick or McEnroe or anything; the only thing I wanted was to celebrate it with my colleagues.

Today I have learned that I should calm down a bit during the game and get less excited. The Davis Cup is a completely different competition, which has helped me believe that I am a good player. I've put the injuries behind me, which gives me back my confidence for the new season."

Bautista Agut praises Rafa Nadal

Roberto Bautista Agut reckons that Rafael Nadal is a favorite going into the third Grand Slam of the year after having won the first two.

"Rafa is always a candidate in any tournament he plays," he said. The Spaniard reflected on Nadal's injuries, saying it was normal for him to suffer pain and discomfort. "Rafa, the truth is that he is a player who has spent many games and has worked on his body. It is normal for him to suffer a lot of pain and discomfort," he said.

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