'Rafael Nadal has done everything else impossible in...', says analyst

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'Rafael Nadal has done everything else impossible in...', says analyst

Three-time Grand Slam champion Andy Murray reveals he can't fully train yet but hopes to be fit for Wimbledon. Murray, 35, began his grass-court season in Stuttgart two weeks ago, where he suffered an abdominal injury in the final against Matteo Berrettini.

After losing to Berrettini in the Stuttgart final in three sets, Murray withdrew from Queen's. On Monday, Murray practiced with Stan Wawrinka. "The positive thing is that I have been able to practice, but there are certain shots that I have not been able to practice, so obviously that has disturbed my preparation.

The injury is healing but it's still not perfect," Murray was quoted by Tennis365 as saying. "I've been practicing for the last three or four days and I've done well. But unfortunately, in matches you can't stop hitting certain shots.

In the next two days I hope I will have the opportunity to test it and I hope it will be good." After Murray withdrew from Queen's, some thought he might play an exhibition game or two at Hurlingham this week. On Monday, Murray ruled out playing at Hurlingham.

"I'm rehabbing every day and also avoiding doing anything that's irritating to the area I got injured," Murray added. Second seed Rafael Nadal won the Wimbledon Championships in 2008 and 2010. With a win-loss record of 53-12 in London, the Spaniard will aim to win the third Major of the year and continue his hunt for a Calendar Slam.

Rafa has won the Australian and French Open in 2022

Rafael Nadal has stuck to his plans and recovered just in time for the grasscourt Major, which kicks off on June 27. "This footage (Nadal practicing) of Rafa, it's just something that puts a smile on everyone's face.

The guy is such an inspiration. He is still playing unbelievable tennis, 14th French Open, going for a Calendar Slam this year at this age is absolutely mind-boggling. We don't know how many opportunities we're going to get to watch him on the court.

So now, I think every single time he steps on the court, it's a true event. It's very special that we're going to see him at Wimbledon," Amritraj said. "Hopefully the grass is a little bit softer on his foot, maybe the points are a little bit shorter.

He is one of the guys who has a tremendous amount of experience which not a lot of other people have. He's a very underrated volleyer, he can serve and volley quite well, uses that backhand slice well. So perhaps someone not everyone's thinking of as a favorite for Wimbledon, but who knows? He's won the thing twice. Why not a third? He has done everything else impossible in this sport," said Amritraj.