Coach Carlos Moya: It's hard not to admire what Rafael Nadal is achieving

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Coach Carlos Moya: It's hard not to admire what Rafael Nadal is achieving

Coach Carlos Moya feels Rafael Nadal's achievements deserve respect from every tennis fan as he believes it is "hard not to admire" what Nadal has been able to achieve. Nadal is one of the greatest champions in sports history and his achievements in 2022 will go down as one of the most impressive accomplishments in tennis history.

After missing out on almost the entire second half of the 2021 season due to a foot problem, Nadal kicked off his 2022 season in Australia, where he won the Australian Open after he was not really given much of a chance.

Then, just two weeks before the French Open, Nadal was visibly hampered by a foot pain in Rome and some feared he would be forced to skip Roland Garros. After Nadal confirmed he would play the French Open, many doubt whether he would be able to win the title.

Once again, Nadal overcame the odds and won the French Open.

Moya: Hard not to admire what Nadal is achieving

"Even if you're not a fan of Rafa, who likes Djokovic or Federer more, it's hard not to admire what he's achieving," Moya told Eurosport Espana.

"I'm not a Real Madrid fan but I totally admire how they won the Champions League, these are feats that go beyond taste, this is the beauty of sport." Nadal's foot didn't look good at all in Rome and tennis fans across the world were disappointed and sad because they felt Nadal had no chance of winning the French Open because of the state of his foot.

"If you saw the day to day, everything that happened in the last month, you would value it much more. I know that people value it, but it would be valued even more," Moya added. "It's not that I'm surprised because I have maximum confidence in Nadal, but it's true that if you stop to think that he's won 14 Roland Garros, with everything he's had, it's hard not to admire him." Now, Nadal is set to compete at Wimbledon as he is aiming to win a Calendar Grand Slam this year.