'Rafael Nadal looked amazing', says former No.1

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'Rafael Nadal looked amazing', says former No.1

Patrick McEnroe believes that Rafael Nadal owes it to the game to go to the All England Club and compete at Wimbledon, as he simply cannot waste an opportunity to make tennis history. Nadal, 36, has won the first two Grand Slams of the season and is now one Wimbledon and one US Open away from securing a calendar Grand Slam.

No player has won all four Grand Slams since Rod Laver, who achieved the amazing feat in 1969. "Rafael Nadal has said that he will play at Wimbledon, he has won the first two Majors of the year. So he better play, he's got to go there and play, he owes it to the game, he owes it to the tour, he owes it to Wimbledon to go there and give it a shot," McEnroe said on Holding Court with Patrick McEnroe, according to Sportskeeda.

During the French Open, the Spanish media reported that Nadal would miss Wimbledon. Nadal's public relations director, Benito Barbadillo Pérez, denied these reports and said that there was no way Nadal would lose the opportunity to make history in tennis so easily.

"In previous years, Rafael Nadal probably would have retired, but he understands the situation he is in, he understands the responsibility with the game," McEnroe said. After the French Open, Nadal returned to Spain to have his foot treated.

His foot responded well and now he is ready to compete at Wimbledon. Reflecting on those who accuse Nadal of taking a prohibited substance, McEnroe made it clear that he is confident that the Spaniard is a clean athlete.

John McEnroe on Rafa Nadal

John McEnroe argues that winning the 2022 Wimbledon Championships could be the most difficult task for Rafael Nadal.

"Rafa’s toughest one is going to be this one for me because if you go by what he said at the French Open, he was injecting himself on his foot during some, if not all of his matches. I can’t believe you decided not to do that.

I’m not sure how he did it in the first place, and he’s still able to win seven matches and look incredible, right? The guy looked amazing," McEnroe said. "If I’m 36, I don’t know how much longer I’m going to play, going for the Slam, I’d start shooting that foot up again and get through Wimbledon and the Open.

That would be me. He may be able to play a few more years. He also talked about wanting to be able to walk when he has kids. That’s a risk that no athlete wants to take," said McEnroe.