Marion Bartoli weighs in on Rafael Nadal's Wimbledon chances

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Marion Bartoli weighs in on Rafael Nadal's Wimbledon chances

2013 Wimbledon champion Marion Bartoli has underlined that Rafael Nadal can never be underestimated and added the Spaniard plays only when he feels he has a chance at winning title. Nadal was doubted going into this year's Australian Open and French Open and on both occasions proved his doubters wrong.

Now, Nadal is a record 22-time Grand Slam champion but some feel Novak Djokovic is the absolute favorite at Wimbledon. “At the Australian Open, when he was coming back from injury, none of us gave Nadal a chance there.

At Roland-Garros, with everything that happened at Rome, none of us gave him a chance there. I do not want to write him off because he is definitely going to surprise us,” Bartoli said on Tennis Majors' Match Points.

“You can never, absolutely never, write him off. He has a tougher draw. Noval (Djokovic) looks to have a slightly easier draw, and again it’s only on paper. As long as Rafa steps on to the court, he goes there because he thinks and he knows he has a chance to win the title."

Bartoli on Nadal, Djokovic's Wimbledon chances

Djokovic was greatly disappointed after failing to win the French Open and he is desperate to win Wimbledon and remain alive in the Grand Slam title race. Djokovic is a six-time Wimbledon champion and he is bidding to win his fourth consecutive Wimbledon title.

On Monday, Djokovic kicked off his Wimbledon campaign with a four-set win over Sonwoo Kwon. “For me, he has found enough momentum through the clay season to go and win the title,” Bartoli said. “For him, the first few matches are the toughest.

He knows he is the favourite. I’m looking forward to seeing his first few matches to see his concentration levels. How he moves on the grass. We all know the grass is a lot more slippery in the first week. The first week is tricky and dangerous especially when you are the overwhelming favourite”. Nadal and Djokovic could potentially meet in the Wimbledon final.