John Lloyd sends warning to Nick Kyrgios ahead of potential Rafael Nadal match

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John Lloyd sends warning to Nick Kyrgios ahead of potential Rafael Nadal match

Former British tennis player and current commentator John Lloyd thought Nick Kyrgios definitely crossed the line with his behavior during the Stefanos Tsitsipas match and underlined Rafael Nadal would not tolerate that kind of behavior.

In what was a very heated battle, Kyrgios escaped with a four-set win as he beat Tsitsipas 6-7 (2) 6-4 6-3 7-6 (7). After losing the second set, Tsitsipas fired the ball into the crowd but avoided a defaul. "Tsitsipas was the one who suffered from that and his frustration boiled over when he hit the ball into the crowd.

For Tsitsipas to get a point penalty and Kyrgios just a warning for all he did was a joke, a complete joke," Lloyd told The Daily Mail. Should Kyrgios and Nadal win their quarterfinal matches, they would face in the semifinal.

Lloyd: Nadal will press the chair umpire of Kyrgios starts behaving like that

"He (Kyrgios) should get to the semis now and if he does he would play Rafael Nadal and I’m telling you: Rafa would not have allowed that to happen last night.

He would made much more of it to the umpire, got the supervisor. He would not have allowed himself to be dictated to like Tsitsipas was," Lloyd said. After Tsitsipas lost, tennis pundits all agreed that the Greek should not have allowed Kyrgios to get into his head.

Even though Tsitsipas was trying to stay calm, it was clear that he was extremely frustrated by Kyrgios' behavior. "Tsitsipas tried to set himself apart from it and stay calm but against Nick you can’t do that; you have to engage," said Lloyd.

"You have to stick up for yourself and he didn’t do that." After the match, Tsitsipas described it as a "circus" and Lloyd agreed with that. "I like an entertainer, but this was way over the top. As his opponent said, it was like playing in a circus," Lloyd said.

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