Taylor Fritz ends debate after Rafael Nadal withdrawal: Not looking for handouts

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Taylor Fritz ends debate after Rafael Nadal withdrawal: Not looking for handouts

Taylor Fritz has underlined that he is "not looking for handouts" as he noted that he didn't deserve to be playing Nick Kyrgios in the Wimbledon semifinal. On Wednesday, an injured Nadal defeated Fritz in five sets to set up a Wimbledon semifinal versus Kyrgios.

A day later, Nadal called a press conference, where he announced he was withdrawing from the tournament - giving Kyrgios a free pass into the final. The Nadal withdrawal led to some suggesting the introduction of some kind of in-tournament reinstatements.

Fritz noticed the online discussion and made it clear he believes he didn't deserve to face Kyrgios. “Nah not looking for handouts, if I couldn’t beat him [Nadal] then I don’t deserve to be in the semis - simple as that," Fritz wrote on social media.

Fritz believed Nadal indeed injured

Nadal left the court in the second set for a medical intervention but managed to win a five-set thriller. Some thought that Nadal was pulling off some kind of gamesmanship and Fritz was asked to share his thoughts after the match.

Fritz made it clear he believed that Nadal was indeed injured and playing through pain. “No," Fritz answered, when asked if Nadal was faking. “I think in the beginning when he did it, he probably didn’t know maybe how bad it was.

Maybe that explains how the movement for a couple games was maybe not as, like, explosive. I don’t know if he took any painkillers or anything. Kind of once he got a feel for the injury, he knew it was only really going to really affect him on the serve and he could, like, play through from the back.

I don’t think he, like, made up an injury or anything." Even though Fritz lost to Nadal, it was still his best-ever Grand Slam run as he reached a Major quarterfinal for the first time in his career.