'The withdrawal from Wimbledon will help Rafael Nadal...', says top coach

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'The withdrawal from Wimbledon will help Rafael Nadal...', says top coach

Nick Kyrgios says he feels Emma Raducanu is a "very important young player" and believes the 19-year-old Briton has what it takes to win multiple Grand Slams. A few months ago, Kyrgios came across some former players criticizing Raducanu.

Kyrgios didn't like it, so he sent out a tweet criticizing former tennis players who use his platform to attack rising stars. On Wednesday, Kyrgios defeated Cristian Garin to reach his first Wimbledon semi-final as Raducanu tweeted during the match: "NK (magic stick emoji)" "I haven't had much communication with Emma before," Kyrgios said, according to TennisBuzz.

"I feel like I've defended her a little bit in the media with some of the things older legends love to throw shade and have her opinions on young players, important young players. Raducanu was only 18 years old when she made tennis history at the last US Open and she became the first ranked player to win a Grand Slam.

"It is clear that she is going to be one of the most important players on the WTA tour for a long time. It is clear that she is capable of winning a Grand Slam at 19 years old. I don't even know how old she is exactly.

19, I think. She is very capable of doing it again. I'm glad to have those supports. If she likes to watch my tennis, she's great. I also enjoy watching her tennis. But I think she's kind of taken revenge for how much I've defended her in the media," Kyrgios added.

Raducanu lifted his first Grand Slam title 10 months ago and now Kyrgios is aiming to lift his first Grand Slam singles title. In the Wimbledon semifinal, Kyrgios was due to face Rafael Nadal.

Uncle Toni reflects on Rafa Nadal

Rafael Nadal's uncle Toni Nadal has said that his nephew cannot think of giving up in difficult moments because he is not used to it.

"The reality of my nephew, indeed, has been the one that I reminded my brother once when he told me that we rushed too many times: “If it hadn't been like that, Rafael Nadal would have lifted half of the Grand Slams he has”.

He, of course, will not put his health at risk, as he has stated lately, but the fact is that he combines a set of characteristics that allow him to make the most of his worst circumstances," Toni Nadal said. Toni stated that the withdrawal from Wimbledon will help his nephew recover for the US Open.

"This time it could not be and finally, what for everyone was very predictable has happened. Playing the semifinal of a Grand Slam with a rupture in the abdominal area is an impossible task. Rafael decided yesterday afternoon to withdraw from the tournament, but I think he made it clear, once again, his intention not to leave until he sees all the possibilities exhausted and to maintain his iron commitment, the one that will encourage him to recover and face with enthusiasm the US Open."