Rafael Nadal: a photo from the past with a young Naomi Osaka

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Rafael Nadal: a photo from the past with a young Naomi Osaka

From Rafael Nadal's past, a photo comes out that a Twitter user shared on his profile, which is not just any photo: in the stands, behind the Spanish champion, you can see a very young Naomi Osaka. It is a special photo that sees the presence of a champion like the Spaniard and a future WTA Tour champion.

Behind a twenty-year-old Nadal, in fact, you can see a little girl of Asian origin with thick brown hair. The girl in question, who at the time of the photo was only 9 years old, is in fact, as mentioned above, a very young Naomi Osaka, who was attending one of Nadal's numerous matches at the US Open, on the occasion of the 2006 season, of one the most famous and loved tennis players in the world.

She is therefore not surprised by the reaction of the fans immediately after the publication of the photo. Some even went unbalanced by saying. "The most beautiful photo ever." Others commented with a simple word that could encompass all the importance of the photo: "Iconic"

A photo from the past with a young Naomi Osaka

It is difficult, in fact, to ignore it if you think that one of the future strongest and most popular tennis players of all time is witnessing the match of a twenty-year-old who will also be among the best tennis players and sportsmen in history.

The words said by Osaka some time ago about Nadal acquire even more value. The Haitian tennis player in one had made statements that spoke of a sports interview beyond a simple attested esteem. NAOMI Osaka and Rafa Nadal Naomi Osaka, who has been back on the pitch for months after the break she took due to the depression she announced at a famous press conference, is currently at position 38 in the WTA rankings.

She is therefore far from the first position that made her famous worldwide. She will try to get back on top at the Masters 1000 in Toronto, Canada, where she will also meet her idol, Rafa Nadal, who is also involved in this tournament.

Maybe they will meet to exchange a few words in front of this iconic photo and Naomi Osaka will tell Nadal the person who said in that famous interview: "Every child who plays Tennis dreams of becoming like Nadal" And she who knows that in that photo in which she appears so thoughtful she wasn't already dreaming of becoming a winner like him.