Rafael Nadal: 'That is something that we try to pass on...'

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Rafael Nadal: 'That is something that we try to pass on...'

Argentine tennis is slowly restarting and much of its new success comes from the hands of the Cerúndolo brothers. If last year it was the youngest who triumphed in Córdoba, this time it is Francisco Cerúndolo's turn, the older brother who is doing a good job and who won the Bastad tournament yesterday.

A good victory against his compatriot Báez and a success that takes Francisco to the Top 30 in the world. In the microphones of La Nación, the tennis player spoke about his efforts and the details that led him to triumph in Bastad.

The 23-year-old enters the Top 30: "Winning my first ATP title is a dream come true. Last year it was painful to lose the final in Buenos Aires against Diego Schwartzman and the blocking of points did not allow me to get the position what he deserved.

That bothered me and I was very disappointed, but this year everything has changed. Above all, my head changed, I started to work harder and to approach things in a different way. The entry in the Top 100 arrived and little by little I was improving on all surfaces.

Although the results have not even reached the grass, I think I have done very well. So this week everything went well." Continuing with his speech, Cerúndolo explained: "It is always difficult to challenge an Argentine and even more so in the final.

It had already happened in Buenos Aires, this time it was better and I did everything to the fullest. There was tension but in the end I managed to win." Cerundolo made it clear that one of the keys to this success depended on the Wimbledon match against Rafael Nadal.

Nadal is a global icon

Speaking during a recent interview with 'Talento a bordo,' 22-time Grand Slam Rafael Nadal explained what talent meant to him. "Talent is something that I think people confuse a little bit," said Rafael Nadal.

"For me, it's not playing pretty or hitting the ball very hard. Some have the talent to hit hard, others to not miss any ball, some to make a great cut and others to move very well. But in tennis, as in all sports, the ultimate goal is to win.

Therefore, for me, the summary is clear: the one who wins is the one with the most talent." Additionally, Nadal stressed the importance of optimism in every situation, no matter how difficult it is, as the key to success.

"If I hadn't had people guiding me on the right path, maybe I wouldn't have had that spirit of perseverance and improvement. Despite the adversities, I have always had a good attitude and a positive spirit, and that is something that we try to pass on to the young people.

Because there will always be difficult moments, but the important thing is to accept them, work hard and look forward with optimism," the 36-year-old stated.

Rafael Nadal