Rafael Nadal: 'Mental strength is one of the important elements for...'

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Rafael Nadal: 'Mental strength is one of the important elements for...'

Rafael Nadal was honest in a recent interview with 'Talent on Board' magazine, revealing several interesting details about the ATP circuit and his future when he definitely leaves tennis as a professional player. The Spaniard referred to the differences that can exist between athletes: "For me it's not about playing well or hitting the ball very hard.

Some have the talent to hit hard, others not to miss. In tennis, as in all sports, the ultimate goal is to win. So for me the one with the most talent wins and we try to enhance the qualities of each player", he commented.

The Iberian mentioned all the aspects that, in his opinion, make some players champions: "Mental strength is one of the most important elements for the competition. Everything can be trained and that strength is something that I started working on with my uncle Toni when I was little.

Later, as my career evolved, that work continued and was intensified by the tournaments themselves." After his injury at Wimbledon, Rafa is ready to return to Montreal on American cement. During the interview, the Mallorcan also addressed the current value of the entire circuit: "The level is very high.

I think that at this time the figures of physical trainers, nutritionists, psychologists, in addition to coaches, of course, are important for athletes. I am sure that one day I will be a former elite player, but I will always remain an athlete, because sport is my passion and I will practice it as long as my body allows it," he said.

Nadal never gives up

In a recent interview with Talento a Bordo, Rafael Nadal spoke about the domination of the so-called 'Big-3' in the sport -- namely himself, Novak Djokovic and Roger Federer. "In tennis there has always been generational change.

We have had great stars that have been replaced by others, it is normal. Perhaps in our case what has happened is that we have been many years, but I am convinced that those who arrive will stay and take over," Nadal said.

The former World No. 1 touched on the topic as well, speaking about the importance of training one's mental strength through competition. "Mental strength is one of the important elements for competition. Everything can be trained and that mental strength is something I also worked with my uncle Toni since I was a child.

Then, with the evolution of my career that work continued and the competition itself made it intensify and continue to evolve," Nadal said.