Patrick Mouratoglou gives his verdict on Rafael Nadal's definition of talent

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Patrick Mouratoglou gives his verdict on Rafael Nadal's definition of talent

Coach Patrick Mouratoglou says he agrees with Rafael Nadal's definition of talent. Nadal, a record 22-time Grand Slam champion, offered an interesting explanation when asked about how he measures one's talent. "Talent is something that I think people get a little bit confused about.

For me, it's not playing pretty or hitting the ball very hard. Some have the talent to hit hard, others to not miss any ball, some to make a great cut, and others to move very well. But in tennis, as in all sports, the ultimate goal is to win.

So, for me, the summary is clear, the one who wins is the one with the most talent," Nadal said in an interview with Talento a Bordo.

Mouratoglou on Nadal's definition of talent

On Instagram, Mouratoglou shared Tennis Legend's post to his story and revealed how he feels about Nadal's remarks.

"I agree 100% with this statement! Real talent is the ability to reach one's goal," Mouratoglou said. During the same interview, Nadal said he doesn't worry about the future of the game post-Big Three era. Nadal, Roger Federer and Novak Djokovic are widely considered as the three best players in tennis history.

Some fear tennis will lose on popularity once all three are gone. "In tennis there has always been generational change. We have had great stars that have been replaced by others, it is normal. Perhaps in our case what has happened is that we have been (dominant for) many years, but I am convinced that those who arrive will stay and take over," Nadal said.

Meanwhile, Nadal is preparing for the North American hard court swing. This week, Nadal started practicing on hard and he is expected to kick off his summer hard court swing at the Montreal Masters. The Montreal Masters starts on August 7.

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