The worst injuries of Rafael Nadal

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The worst injuries of Rafael Nadal
The worst injuries of Rafael Nadal

Rafael Nadal has achieved great victories in his career, but has also suffered various and serious injuries. Despite the fact that the Spanish tennis player, in addition to having a very high pain threshold, has an innate ability to adapt to all kinds of unexpected events, over the years Rafa Nadal has had to miss the biggest appointments of the season due to injuries that have followed one another throughout his career.

It is impossible to appreciate even more the feat that Rafael Nadal has made in his career. Especially if we take into account the fact that the only years in which he did not miss any Grand Slam tournament, did not have to retire or was strongly affected by discomfort or injuries are 2005 (Roland Garros champion), 2008 (Roland Garros champion) and Wimbledon), 2015 (no Grand Slam title), 2017 (Roland Garros and US Open champion) and 2019 (Roland Garros and US Open champion).

live in the same historical period in which a champion like Rafael Nadal plays. It is enough to do a brief search among the statistics of this champion to realize that during his career he had to miss 12 Grand Slam tournaments due to injuries of a certain importance.

Rafa Nadal's physical problems in the Slams

US Open 2007: knee problems, lost to Ferrer in the round of 16 in four sets
US Open 2009: torn abdominal muscle, lost in the semifinals to Del Potro in three sets
Australian Open 2010: Severe left knee discomfort, damaged by Murray in the quarter-finals for retirement
Australian Open 2011: hamstring problems in the left leg, fell by Ferrer in the final seconds in three sets
Wimbledon 2012: left knee injury, lost to Rosol in the round in five sets
Australian Open 2014: back problem, lost in the final against Wawrinka in four sets
Roland Garros 2016: Broken left wrist, walkover against Granollers in the second round
US Open 2016: left wrist pain, lost to Pouille in the round of 16 in five sets
Australian Open 2018: Problems in the quadriceps of the right thigh, lost in the quarters to Cilic for retirement in the fifth set
US Open 2018: Right knee problem, missing in semifinals by Del Potro due to retirement after losing two sets
Australian Open 2021: back problem, lost to Tsitsipas in the quarter-finals in five sets
Roland Garros 2021: Noticeable pain in the left foot, eliminated in the semifinals in four sets by Djokovic
Wimbledon 2022: Abdominal tears, walkover against Kyrgios in the semifinals.

Rafa Nadal' worst injury

Roland Garros 2003: Elbow injury
Roland Garros 2004: scaphoid stress fracture
Wimbledon 2004: scaphoid stress fracture
Australian Open 2006: left foot injury
Wimbledon 2009: Tendonitis in both knees
US Open 2012: left knee injury
Australian Open 2013: Intestinal virus
US Open 2014: Left wrist injury
Wimbledon 2016: left wrist injury
US Open 2020: Left Foot Problems and COVID-Related Issues
Wimbledon 2021: Left foot problems
US Open 2021: left foot problems Numbers that make an impression if you think that we are talking about one of the greatest champions of tennis and sport in general.

Nadal, as we said before, is capable of adapting to any type of situation, which is why he has often decided to show up injured in tournaments in which some of his colleagues may not even have thought of participating.

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