Mischa Zverev: Rafael Nadal could pass me 19 different ways

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Mischa Zverev: Rafael Nadal could pass me 19 different ways

Former world No. 25 Mischa Zverev described Andy Murray's shots as "relatively straight" and suggested he had no problems when he clashed the Briton at the 2017 Australian Open. In the 2017 Australian Open last-16, Zverev shocked then the world No.

1 Murray, beating the Briton 7-5 5-7 6-2 6-4. Murray knew exactly what was Zverev going to do before every point but still couldn't get past the German, who was going to the net pretty much every point. A few weeks earlier in Brisbane, Zverev suffered a 6-1 6-1 loss to Rafael Nadal.

Reflecting on those two matches, Zverev said Nadal had "19 different ways" to break him on the net. "Murray can’t accelerate,” Zverev recently told Tennis Magazin. “That sounds strange for a player of his class, but he doesn’t have the train in his arms like Rafa or Federer or even a Jack Sock.

I had played Rafa in Brisbane the week before and lost one and one. No chance. He could pass me 19 different ways. I couldn’t read his punches. They were too fast and also had topspin, so I sometimes had the feeling that he was flying to the tarpaulin.

But he still fell in the back. Murray’s forehand and backhand are relatively straight”.

Zverev: Nadal knows when to pull off a surprise shot

Zverev clashed Nadal three times and every time suffered a straight-set defeat.

Nadal is one of the greatest players in tennis history and Zverev feels that Nadal's ability to surprise his opponents in key moments is one of the reasons behind his success. "Rafa is constantly analysing the game, and he knows when it's wise to create moments of surprise.

He often does something new or unexpected when he's behind," Zverev explained. "After a very long game, advantage - deuce - advantage - deuce, he suddenly throws in a serve and volley. He does it when you don't expect it, in a stressful situation.

Or he uses his stop, especially with the forehand. If Rafa was playing serve-and-volley all the time, it wouldn't work."