Hungry fan gets rude to Rafael Nadal: “I’ve seen the Mona Lisa now. Let’s get lunch.”

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Hungry fan gets rude to Rafael Nadal: “I’ve seen the Mona Lisa now. Let’s get lunch.”

During one of Rafael Nadal’s practice sessions at Cincinnati, a fan was heard comparing seeing Nadal to a visit to the Mona Lisa painting. “OK, I’ve seen the Mona Lisa now. Let’s get lunch,” the fan said according to Tennis Atlantic.

Tennis enthusiasts were quick to blame the unexcited fan.

“Probably a bucket lister,” a Twitter user said. “You could not have dragged me away until he was done and out of sight,” said another one. “Too bad; that was his loss,” another continued. Nadal landed in Cincinnati on Thursday and on the practice court on Friday, training with Holger Rune.

Nadal will return to Cincinnati for the first time since 2017, looking for his second victory since his historic run in 2013. The Spaniard will strive to improve his condition in Ohio ahead of the US Open, where he will compete for his 23rd Major title.

Nadal could return to world number one

Rafael Nadal is set to return to action in Cincinnati. The Spaniard's last appearance came before the semifinal at Wimbledon, at a news conference when he announced his retirement from the penultimate act against Nick Kyrgios owing to an abdominal problem that has plagued him all year.

He expected a return of the winner of twenty-two Grand Slam titles to the first important stop of the season on North American hard courts, namely Montreal, after the interrupted journey at the All England Club. As a result, Rafael Nadal's return will take place in Cincinnati.

A comeback that would not only take place on the tennis courts, but would also conceal a return to the top of the ATP ranking. Indeed, the winner of two of this year's three Grand Slam championships has the possibility to reclaim the world number one ranking, a position he has not had in more than two years, that is, since January 20, 2020.