Rafael Nadal: 'You probably don't realize how difficult is...'

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Rafael Nadal: 'You probably don't realize how difficult is...'

Rafael Nadal is ready to come back. After the forced withdrawal from Wimbledon and the precautionary withdrawal from the Masters 1000 in Montreal, the Spanish champion is ready for Cincinnati and, above all, for the US Open, where he will hunt for his 23rd Grand Slam title.

During the first and long press conference, in addition to the issue of number one, he also talked about his possible second-round rival (Coric or Musetti) and Serena Williams, who will hang up her racket after the New York Slam.

"At the beginning it will be difficult, but it's normal, you have to accept the difficulties. At this level, if you come back after a long time and an injury, it's not always easy to find your rhythm again. The level is very high and I hope to be ready for Wednesday", he explained as always with great lucidity.

Nadal has won only one edition of the Western & Southern Open, in 2013, and he has not played the tournament in Ohio for five years. "Of course, it's always nice to come back here. I still have a little problem in my abdomen, but I hope I can manage it.

It's a pretty delicate area, especially when I'm serving, because I carry all the weight there. I try to get to know my body more and more every day, limits included. I am also looking forward to playing again because so far 2022 has been a year full of satisfaction "Obviously Nadal dedicated a few words to Serena Williams, who announced her withdrawal at the end of the Us Open.

Cincinnati will be the penultimate track of the American champion's extraordinary career. "I have a lot of memories. I think she is also one of the most extraordinary athletes in the history of sports."

Rafa can become number 1

Speaking in an interview with the official ATP website, Rafael Nadal said that Alcaraz has all the right people next to him and that one can enjoy playing without any burden in their initial years.

“I think he [Carlos Alcaraz] has the right people next to him. I don't have to tell him [any advice on handling pressure] anything, until he asks me. I think when you are very young and you are coming up and growing in the rankings just every week, in some way things are a little bit easier because you don't have that pressure that you have to win every week,” Nadal said.

“If you make the quarterfinals, great. If you make the semifinals, good. If you make the final, fantastic. And if you win, it's amazing. It's everything new and I remember at that stage of my career that you don't feel an obligation to win every week.

You just play free. You probably don't realize how difficult is the things that you are doing, just enjoying every match playing without pressure,” he added.