When Rafael Nadal entered exclusive 'Club 6000'

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When Rafael Nadal entered exclusive 'Club 6000'

Rafael Nadal will celebrate his 900th consecutive top-10 week in four months, reaching the number that will take some beating in the future! Nadal is the player with the most top-10 weeks in a row, entering the elite group in April 2005 and never leaving.

Nadal notched his 800th consecutive week in the top-10 in January last year, joining Jimmy Connors and Roger Federer on that list. In October, Rafa became the only player with 6000 consecutive days in the top-10, earning the record that stayed away from Connors' reach.

The 16-year-old Nadal entered the 2003 season ranked just outside the top-200, playing high-level tennis to pass one rival after another on the ATP ranking list. Despite a nasty injury that halted his progress in the spring of 2004, Nadal won the first ATP title in Sopot in August and helped Spain secure the Davis Cup title at the end of the season.

With a boost on his side, Rafa became one of the world's best players in 2005, reaching the Australian Open fourth round before conquering Costa do Sauipe and Acapulco on beloved clay.

Rafael Nadal celebrated 6000 consecutive days in top-10 last year.

The best was yet to come for an extraordinary teenager after standing two points away from winning the Miami crown against Roger Federer.

Nadal lifted the first Masters 1000 trophy in Monte Carlo a few weeks later to write history books. Hungry for more, Rafa headed to Barcelona with no rest and defeated Juan Carlos Ferrero in the best-of-five final to secure another title and additional 300 points that propelled him into the top-10 for the first time!

At 18 years and ten months, Rafa became the eighth-youngest top-10 player since the beginning of the ATP ranking in 1973. He joined Aaron Krickstein, Michael Chang, Boris Becker, Bjorn Borg, Mats Wilander, Andre Agassi and Andrei Medvedev on that list.

Nadal has never left the exclusive group, counting one tremendous or at least reliable season after another to gather almost 900 top-10 weeks in a unique milestone. In his darkest seasons in 2015 and 2016, Rafa dealt with injuries and stayed away from Major titles.

He struggled against the rivals from the top and barely kept himself in the top-10. Returning at his best in 2017, Rafa has been ranked in an exclusive group without significant drops. He joined Federer on 20 Major crowns in October 2020 and passed Federer and Djokovic after winning two Major titles this year.

Rafa is chasing the third at the US Open, reaching the fourth round and hoping for more of the same in the next week. Nadal is the favorite to take the ATP throne after New York at 36 years and three months.