Rafael Nadal is about to become the new No. 1!

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Rafael Nadal is about to become the new No. 1!

With Daniil Medvedev's defeat against Nick Kyrgios at the US Open 2022, it is now official that he will change the number one in the world, from next Monday and after the main tournament on US hard-courts. In the loive ranking, to date, the Spanish Rafael Nadal is leading the ranking at the moment.

The Majorcan champion, winner of two Grand Slam titles in this 2022, has the great chance of returning to number one in the world again, a situation that has already seen him as a protagonist in his career but has seen him absent for too long.

Rafa will be engaged in the Round of 16 against US player Frances Tiafoe and now there are fewer and fewer challenges to see him as number one. Rafael Nadal, Carlos Alcaraz and Casper Ruud: it will be the three of them who will compete for the chances of becoming number one in the world, no other tennis player has this chance in this final phase of the tournament.

Let's see together the combinations that would allow Nadal or his opponents to climb to the top of the world, obviously for Alcaraz and Ruud it would be an incredible first time.

Rafael Nadal is about to become the new No.


There are several options that can lead Rafael Nadal to the top of the table, but of course the main one is for the Spaniard to decide his own future. The Majorcan tennis player reaching the final will certainly become number one, beyond the results of all his opponents.

Probably the most plausible option for Nadal not to become number one could be realized in the semifinals: Alcaraz could become number one by beating Nadal in the semifinals and winning the tournament, at the same time conquering numerous precocity records.

Let's see specifically, as reported by journalist José Morgado, how Rafa Nadal could become number one in the world.

Options to see Nadal number one in the world:

Rafa Nadal reaches the final (the most simply) Nadal reaches quarter or semifinal and Ruud and Alcaraz do not win the tournament Nadal loses in the Round of 16 against Tiafoe and Alcaraz and Ruud do not reach the final.