Nick Kyrgios cracks joke about Novak Djokovic's reaction to Roger Federer speech

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Nick Kyrgios cracks joke about Novak Djokovic's reaction to Roger Federer speech

Nick Kyrgios cracked a joke after seeing the contrast in Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic's reactions to Roger Federer's emotional speech. After teaming up with Nadal in his final match, Federer delivered an emotional speech and broke down in tears several times.

In one moment, the cameras caught Nadal being very emotional, all while Djokovic had a smile on his face. "Novak knows chances for Slams is better now. Rafa is shattered," Kyrgios wrote on his Instagram Story.

Last week, Kyrgios joined the list of those who paid a tribute to Federer. "No one will ever play the game like you.

enjoy it @rogerfederer - was an honour," Kyrgios wrote on Instagram last week.

Kyrgios on playing Federer

After losing to Novak Djokovic in this year's Wimbledon final, Kyrgios said it was Federer who he considered as the toughest opponent.

Kyrgios, who beat Federer in their first meeting before losing their next six matches, said Federer had the ability to make his opponent "feel really bad" on the court. "I wouldn't say that. Like I said before, I had a chance to win the match.

He doesn't make you feel as bad as Federer does at times," Kyrgios said. "I think Federer, out of the other three guys, Federer can make you feel really bad, like he makes you want to leave the court. He can make things seem really quick and that the court's really small.

Nadal and Djokovic, they allow you to play a little bit from the back and if you're not playing great, then you struggle. But Federer can really take it to you and get you off the court real quick." Kyrgios maybe claimed just one victory versus Federer, but the Swiss never had an easy job against the Australian.

Kyrgios would always show up and the majority of Federer's win over the Australian were hard-earned three-set wins.