Rafael Nadal sweeps away the retirement: "I don't think about it!"

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Rafael Nadal sweeps away the retirement: "I don't think about it!"

The tears that accompanied the last moments of Roger Federer's career also hide the fears of his friend and rival Rafael Nadal, who returned home after just over twenty-four hours in London and spoke of the emotions he experienced without particular filters.

Nadal broke up during Federer's speech: "They were emotional and sad moments. On the one hand I had the enthusiasm and motivation to play that game, on the other hand I was nervous. Playing that game was an honor. We have.

having said goodbye to one of the icons of this sport, one cannot help but experience a moment like this with a little sadness." At the same time he confessed how he absolutely did not want to steal the show from the Swiss: "I haven't seen the images yet, but it was really a very emotional moment.

I didn't want to cry, it was his moment, but I'm a very sensitive person and to see him in that way made me move. Ours has always been a very healthy rivalry, ever since we faced each other in Miami in 2004. And since then we have always had a great feeling, even though we had already met at the Nike headquarters in 2002.

he has also been a model of my sporting career to take an example from. Together we have experienced hundreds of things, on and off the pitch. Memories will remain for something unrepeatable." A rivalry, yes. Probably the most iconic in the history of tennis if not of the sport in general.

A rivalry that blossomed into friendship, especially in the last ten years: "Over the years, affection has grown. As we grew up, we began to appreciate our relationship more and more and enjoyed things more now than at the beginning."

Nadal does not think about retirement: "These are not things that can be planned overnight. But when it does, I know that I will live it in the most normal way possible. had planned the withdrawal. I'm happy he managed to greet everyone on the pitch, I would like it to be the same for me.

But I don't think about it at the moment. Because when you start thinking about it it means that something is wrong, right now my head tells me to continue."