Rafael Nadal vs Roger Federer in Madrid? "Exciting, but who knows"

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Rafael Nadal vs Roger Federer in Madrid? "Exciting, but who knows"

Roger Federer's farewell gave many emotions to tennis fans, and not only. In addition to the protagonist of that evening, many around him were overwhelmed by emotion: in particular, Rafael Nadal. The Spanish tennis player, who was the companion of the last double of the Swiss champion, his great rival and great friend of him.

The twenty-two-time winner of the Grand Slam titles returned to talk about that evening so dense, to the microphones of El Partidazo de COPE: "It was a moment of many emotions together. There are many years in which we have enjoyed one of the best athletes ever, not only for his titles, but also for the way he won them.

No one in history has achieved these goals in such an elegant, majestic and so easy way." One of the themes that comes back a lot in these post-retirement days is the rivalry that has existed between the two: it began in one way and ended in another, in the words of the Majorcan tennis player: "Like everything, the rivalry has had its phases.

It was a relationship that was beautiful from the start, and that has grown stronger over the years. In the end, our way of seeing the world and the rivalry itself meant that our personal relationship was probably more important than the professional one.

For years, in fact, our friendship has been strengthened: the fact of being together in the Players' Council, to try to improve the world of tennis, meant that we spent many hours together. Also, we understand each other well, even if we sometimes have different opinions.

Our rivalry has evolved in the same way our personal relationship has evolved." The emotions of the last match and the Bernabeu hypothesis One of the iconic moments of that last Roger Federer match was the liberating cry of the two former number ones, who held hands as the Swiss champion was celebrated.

Nadal explained: "I am a sensitive person. When you see someone you appreciate crying, it's hard not to get excited. It's a situation a little out of hand (laughs), because it was a difficult moment. to manage, and the worst thing is that when I arrived in the room, alone, I kept crying."

The last line is the hypothesis, which comes from Spain, that Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer can play an exhibition match at the Santiago Bernabeu. The Real Madrid fan has some doubts about this: "I have no idea and I don't think Madrid is obsessed with it.

If at any moment a request of this type comes up, it is obvious that I would be very excited, but then we should also wait for what Roger replies."