Rafael Nadal addresses his tennis future

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Rafael Nadal addresses his tennis future

Rafael Nadal acknowledged that he has been hampered by physical setbacks in recent times but noted he still feels he wants to be a professional tennis player. Nadal, 36, missed almost the entire second half of the 2021 season due to a foot injury.

This season, Nadal was hampered by foot, rib, and abdominal injuries. In an interview for Onda Cero Radio, Nadal addressed his future. "I would like to say goodbye on the court, that's for sure. But you never know what the future may bring.

And, well, it is obvious that I have also had a very long career, that I feel the love and support of many people all over the world, but we will see how it will be," Nadal said as translated from Spanish to English by Twitter user Genny SS.

"Right now I don't think about it because when you already start thinking about it, it is because something doesn't work in the day-to-day, right? And although my body in recent times has not worked in my day-to-day, my head tells me that I still want this to continue and we will see until when."

Nadal on when Roger Federer told him about his retirement plans

In the final match of his career, Federer teamed up with Nadal for a doubles match at the Laver Cup.

10 days before Federer went public with his retirement announcement, he called Nadal to tell that he was retiring. Federer explained to Nadal why he was retiring, but the Spaniard is not sharing those details. "We were talking for about 15 minutes and he explained to me how everything had been going lately and in the end he was honest with me about all the things that were going to happen and the reason for his decisions, although I will keep everything we talked about for myself," Nadal said.