Rafael Nadal: 'He was honest with me about all the things that...'

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Rafael Nadal: 'He was honest with me about all the things that...'

Breaking into the top-50 shouldn't be a problem for talented and hard-working tennis players, even in the strongest of times. Rafael Nadal wasted no time in carving out a place for himself on the ATP ranking list, breaking into the top-50 for the first time in August 2003, just after his 17th birthday!

Nadal lost a bit of ground in 2004 after a nasty injury, ranking 50th for a couple of months and starting again in 2005. Since January 31, 2005, Nadal has been continuously in the top 50, improving his position after some solid results and becoming the No.

2 in the world at the end of the season thanks to a Major and four Masters 1000 titles in his account. Nadal has never left the top 10 since he entered in April 2005, setting many records in the rankings and finishing as No.

1 at the end of five years, the last time in 2019. Rafa celebrates a huge ranking record this week, becoming only the second player with 900 consecutive weeks in the top-50 and joining Roger Federer on the exclusive list. A player has to spend more than 17 1/2 years in the top-50 to reach that number, which is easier said than done.

After 20 years on the Tour, Nadal is still among the best players in the world at 36 years old, despite all the injuries and setbacks. The Spaniard did not enjoy a h*t run in 2021 as he only made 29 appearances and failed to win a major title for the third year since 2005.

Rafa missed the second part of the season with a foot injury and made an incredible comeback. in 2022.

Rafael Nadal on Federer's retirement

Touching on Roger Federer's farewell, Rafael Nadal remarked that he was very happy that Federer got the ceremony he deserved.

"In the end I think everything went very well. He had the farewell he deserved, it was possible for it to be on court, something that could have been difficult a few weeks ago and that in my opinion was vital and very important for him," Nadal said.

"So, very happy that he was able to say goodbye on court." Days before Roger Federer announced his retirement to the world, the Swiss maestro made it known to Rafael Nadal first. "We were talking for about 15 minutes and he explained to me how everything had been going lately and in the end he was honest with me about all the things that were going to happen and the reason for his decisions, although I will keep everything we talked about for myself," Nadal said.